Flamenco Rosario New Show


Poster for the latest show by Flamenco Rosario.

Mis Hermanas tells the personal story and recalls the memories of Rosario Ancer growing up in Mexico, her dreams of becoming a dancer, her journey to Spain and her arrival to Vancouver, Canada. In Monterrey, Mexico seven sisters get together every Tuesday for coffee – only one left home to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer. She now wants to tell you her story before the west coast rains wash away her memories.

“In a trip to Sevilla in 2000…. I was awakened by the sound of church bells and the intoxicating fragrance of orange blossom. This has not happened since I left my home town more than thirty years ago. It hit me so hard that I could not stop crying…. Memories of my childhood and my home town came flooding in to my mind like in a movie. I knew right and then, that I had to go back home to redefine the very essence of myself”. Rosario Ancer, Artistic Director

This is the story of Rosario Ancer, but a story that in Canada – a land of immigrants – could be anybody’s story. Through narrative, dance, sound effects, stills and video projections, the audience will be taken on a journey from Mexico to Spain and from Spain to Canada: helping to bring back memories from a time long gone. Flamenco Rosario is breaking new and exciting ground: recreating a profile of each sister through the magic of a child’s memory, through music and dance and exploring the journey to other countries, cultures and times.

Rosario Ancer is creating the narrative under the mentorship of Touchstone Theatre’s Artistic Director and Dramaturge Katrina Dunn. Choreographer Rosario Ancer will participate with seven other flamenco dancers on the project: Myriam Allard from Montreal, Claire Marchand from Winnipeg, Katerina Petrantonakis from Toronto, Claudia Villarreal from Mexico along with Flamenco Rosario’s own dancers; Nanako Aramaki, Afifa Lahbabi, and Bonnie Stewart. Musical Director and flamenco master Victor Kolstee, will compose and arrange the music to accomplish the choreographic vision, and will direct a team of musicians including; guitarist Miguel Fuentes, Flute/Saxophone player Graham Ord and singer Jesus Montoya. Gerald King’s magical lighting design and Tim Matheson’s projections will support the choreography and narrative of the story, as well as sets and costumes that reflect the era.

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