John_handsMy name is John Endo Greenaway. I am a graphic designer based out of Port Moody, British Columbia. As a freelance designer and desktop publisher I pride myself in offering personalized, friendly service, tailored to meet my clients’ needs.

Many, although by no means all, of my clients work in the arts – either as presenters, managers or publicists. Some are artists themselves. As a former professional musician, the performing arts have a special place in my heart but I do work for all kinds of people and organizations. I do tiny work (business cards) and big work (bus shelter posters) but mostly I do in-between work – posters, brochures, CD covers and the like.

I also build WordPress-powered websites. Like the one you’re looking at. Maybe you’d like your own?

Peruse the site to see up-to-date examples of my work. Please contact me to discuss any upcoming design requirements you may have.